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What’s new: Zone Risk Assessment, policy filters and performance improvements

Check out our latest releases:

  • Zone Risk Assessment
  • Persistent policy filters
  • Performance and stability improvements

Zone Risk Assessment

Get an even better view of your assets with our updated risk map

You can now click on a specific existing zone on the risk map to quickly see the list of assets within the selected zone.

Should you want to understand how your assets are affected in a high risk zone like the Persian Gulf, for example, you can click on the zone which will then highlight all  assets located there and their status in real time.

Persistent Policy Filters

Pick up right where you left off with persistent filters

As part of our work to improve the platform experience we have now enabled the ability for the platform to remember custom table filters. 

This means that any desired filters you select on your policy screen for example, will be saved for your next session. So even after you log out, your personalised choice of filters will still be active next time you log in.

Platform-wide performance and stability improvements

A smoother data management experience

As part of our continued commitment to you, our users, we have made a number of smaller improvements to the platform’s performance and stability including speedier upload times and load times for policy lists.

Stay tuned for more updates on the way.

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