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Complex insurance made simple

insurwave connects insurance buyers to their exposures and streamlines complex insurance management. The insurwave SaaS platform connects insurance buyers, brokers and re/insurers to a shared platform which streamlines complex insurance management in 3 simple steps.


Insurance buyers and brokers upload their exposure & contract rules to enable a shared digital experience via the insurwave platform.


Buyers, brokers and insurers are connected to digital insurance contracts, live asset and event data and the automation platform.


The automation platform is event-driven for premium calculation, document generation, risk data sharing and renewal packaging.

The benefits of insurwave

Benefits for
insurance buyers

  • Better insurance deals
  • Timely insights for decision-making
  • Clarity of cover and improved speed to cover adjustment
  • Reduced admin costs
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Benefits for
insurance brokers

  • Improved speed to quote and cover
  • Increased ability to scenario model
  • Client-first differentiated service
  • Reduced admin costs
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Benefits for

  • Exposure-level understanding
  • Granular data insights and real time access
  • Confidence about insurance cover and risk detail
  • Reduced admin costs
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leaders use

“They know how to bring innovative process thinking, they have deep technology skills but most importantly they really listen to what customers want and shape the solution to suit customer demands.”

Lars Henneburg

Vice President, Head of Risk Management - Maersk

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