There’s a better way to manage your risk data

Meet the new standard for intelligent risk management. Consolidate and visualise risk data, automate tasks and connect to your insurance providers.

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Powering the industry leaders reshaping the insurance market. From insurance buyers to brokers and insurers.

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We help you focus on what you do best

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Turn your risk data into better decisions

With real-time asset tracking, exposure monitoring and detailed reports, Insurwave elevates your decision-making and gives you clarity, unlike any tool you’ve used before.

Visualise complex data

Our platform provides the detail and visual cues you need with workflows and performance analytics.
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Your risk in focus

Get a deep (and instant) understanding of your risk with the interactive risk map.
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Own your data

Unify all your risk data into one single source of truth that you control.
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Act with confidence

View real-time asset location, coverage and policy changes.
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Designed to satisfy the needs of risk managers, engineered with the latest tech.

Keep everyone connected

Insurers, brokers and corporates buying and selling risk benefit from an integrated insurance management experience.

Insurance Buyer

View historical performance and share renewal-ready data in one platform.

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Get portfolio insights in seconds, identify trends and make better decisions.

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Optimise your workflow and rely on a single source of truth for your client’s data.

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Beyond expectations

Insurwave is driving the change asset holders were waiting for: streamlined operations, better risk transfer decisions and intelligent data management.

Lars Henneberg

We have automated many of our internal processes and part of our interaction with the market. That’s how Insurwave made it possible for us to be risk managers again instead of insurance contract administrators.

Lars Henneberg

Vice President, Head of Risk Management, A.P. Møller-Mærsk