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Insurwave Origin Story - Podcast

Listen to Insurwave CEO, David Power in a Podcast with Richard Cutcher on the Insurwave platform, the history, how things have changed in the last two years and the relationship with brokers…

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Catch us at the European Captive Forum 2022

We are excited to take part in @ECF 2022 to understand how captives have responded to rapid change and uncertainty amid the emerging risks and what is next for the industry. @ECF 2022 provide a great platform to hear from innovative captive insurance owners and leaders from across the globe.

Maersk & Insurwave - success story

Find out how Insurwave has helped Maersk, reduce their insurance contract administration by automating insurance transaction as well as increasing data richness, granularity and transparency…

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Teekay & Insurwave - success story

Hear how Insurwave helped Teekay digitise their fleet asset records, digitally connect them to their parties, and provide instant, automated premium calculations resulting from risk exposure…

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Why visualisation of risk is more important than ever

The invasion of Ukraine, sanctions on Russia and expatriation of high value assets, have sent corporations, brokers, and insurers into a tailspin, struggling to understand exposures, sanction breaches and their overall insurance stance…

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Secure data exchange, and why it matters in specialty insurance

With cyberattacks on the increase, securing the exchange of data has never been more important for the specialty insurance ecosystem. Learn why secure data exchange is critical for specialty insurance.

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