Data collection made easy

Insurwave uses machine learning to make data collection fast and easy and combines it with low-touch human intervention to minimise errors.


Asset schedules and statement of values

Full asset schedule with statement of values up to date and in one place. Gain insights into:

  • Total values and value differences to past years

  • Geo-location data, exposure current and past, looking into insights for vessel voyages, cargo shipments or aircraft flight routes

  • Asset acquisition and sale changes

Claims events and financial information

Collect and understand the status and progress of claims to know if a claim has been approved, payment has been agreed, and reserves are managed correctly.

Group 1374

Premiums, deposit and additional premiums

Collect coverage premium and agreed rates from past years in order to understand and analyse the data.

Group 1338

Policy slip: coverage, terms & conditions, and business rules

Collect and understand policy slip from last year, coverages, limits, deductibles and other terms and conditions.

Group 1339