Visualise your data

Get an accurate view of your risk at a glance:

  1. Asset tracking
    Assets’ live location and journey details
  2. Risk mapping
    High-risk zones and custom areas of interest
  3. Loss visualisation
    Visuals of recent reported losses/claims locations
  4. Risk exposure analysis
    Analyse your exposure aggregation
2.4.2   Visualise

Bolster your negotiation

Gain unprecedented insight into the past and current performance of your policy and claims data with Insurwave’s analytics dashboard to give you the edge in renewal negotiations. With the new insights gathered from your data you can:

  1. Track past performance
    Track how assets and their insurance coverages have changed over time
  2. Analyse trends
    Identify trends in your policy and claims data
  3. Discover more
    Explore your data portfolio and drill down into areas of interest to discover new actionable insights.
  4. Create actionable insights
    Analyse premium change trends and the reasons behind them
2.4.3   Visualise