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What’s new: Bulk downloads, improved visuals and better aviation reports

Check out our latest releases:

  • Download documents in bulk
  • Premium reports for aviation policies
  • Pro-rata calculations for aviation policies
  • Improved Risk Map asset visuals

Download documents in bulk

Download all your asset information in one click

Take unnecessary complications out of your renewal cycle and improve efficiency with our new bulk download feature. 

Download as much data as you need: specify which documents you want with our ‘download all’ or ‘download multiple’ options.

Improved Risk Map asset visuals

Track your assets easily with our new visual update

Choose between satellite and terrain views to better visualise your assets and get an accurate image of your vessels, aeroplanes and properties location when viewing asset information.

Once you’ve chosen your preference, your view will be saved so you always come back to your preferred style when you access the risk map. You can also change it anytime.

Pins used to locate each of your assets have also been given an upgrade, with new designs and colours to help you get a better overview of your portfolio at a glance.

Premium reports for aviation policies

Generate a premium report for your aviation policies in seconds

Gain access to an in-depth overview of your aviation policies and assets with the premium report generation capability. 

Insurwave now supports generation of a premium report for the aviation line of business with breakdowns per cover, per asset and other key data points.

Pro-rata calculations for aviation policies

Keep your aviation premiums updated effortlessly with automated pro-rata adjustments

Review, assess and capture your aviation premiums more efficiently with any changes to your cover now updated automatically in your valuations.

Make amends to your coverage at any time via the Insurwave platform to ensure your premiums reflect the changes accurately with the automated pro-rata calculations.

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