What's new: War quote editing, new asset layouts and more

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Check out the latest improvements to the Insurwave platform:

  • War Quote Editing
  • New Asset Layout
  • War Additional Premium Reports

War Quote Editing

Want to make a change to your voyage itinerary? Or have you negotiated a different rate for a particular breach? Need to add an additional discount or edit the discounts pre-applied?

Insurwave manages and tracks all changes to war quotes on the platform. The platform reflects the current agreement between the insurance buyer, broker and insurer in one place, keeping everyone updated with the one source of truth, removing the back and forth on email and multiple version threads.

The platform allows editing quotes with specific functionality depending on your role on the contract. For example, itineraries could be enabled for the insurance buyer and broker; while rate changing is only available for the insurer. We will set up the editing feature to suit each of our clients needs.

To make an edit:

  1. Click on the War Quote tab within your Marine war policy on the platform
  2. Click into the quote you wish to view
  3. Click on the ellipsis on the premium you wish to edit
  4. Make changes such as rate updates or adding discounts
  5. Once saved, your changes will be reflected

Laptop Edit Quote April

New Asset Layout

Check out the new display of vessel information covered under your marine policies

Have all your asset information displayed on one page: asset description, valuations, ownership and build information. See the exact location of your vessel with the drop down map.

Need to quickly access the latest documents for a vessel under a particular policy? Scroll to the bottom of the page to find all up to date certificates.

Furthermore, we capture all historical changes and premium adjustments associated with your vessel on the policy you have selected.

This new view provides holistic insights of your vessel at this point in time and historically on your insurance policies.

Find this new layout in the asset section after you have selected a marine policy.

Asset Edit April

War Additional Premium Reports

There is a new section within the Reports tab dedicated to war additional premium reports

You can pull either a quick summary of additional premiums for your war policies or get all the details:

  • Zones and ports breached
  • Entry and exit times
  • Chargeable zones
  • Gross premium
  • Discounts or add ons
  • Net premium

Laptop Edit Report April

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