What’s new: Voyage analytics, real-time zone exposure reports and custom email notifications

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Check out our latest releases:

  • Voyage analytics
  • Custom email notifications 
  • Real-time zone exposure reports

Voyage analytics

Unlock analytics and insights on every voyage 

With our new voyage analytics dashboard, you can view key analytics and insights from every voyage at a glance, including:

  • Zone transits
  • Season zone transit frequency
  • Zone transit duration
  • Voyages by policy

Voyage Analytics

Custom email notifications

Create and manage your notifications 

You can now tailor your notifications through an intuitive and user-friendly interface by selecting the specific policies you’re interested in and a schedule that suits your preferences. Please note: at the moment this feature is applicable to marine war only.

Custom Email Notifications


Real-time exposure reports

Signed line now included in live exposure exports

Signed line now included in exposure exports, allowing insurers to calculate the exact exposure per asset in a given area of interest quickly and efficiently.

Line Share Export

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