What's new: Property assets and policies, storage locations for marine cargo and more

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Check out the latest improvements to the Insurwave platform: We've introduced property assets to policies, we've added storage locations for marine xargo and we've integrated a Google an auto-populate function when adding a new property assets.

Property assets and policies

Insurwave has launched a new line of business: Property.

We currently support Property Damage and Business Interruption covers.

Add your property policies, attached property assets and connect your insurance providers to benefit from a single source of truth.

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Add storage locations for Marine Cargo

Insurwave now connects your storage facilities against Marine Cargo and Stock Throughout policies on the platform.

We capture location, property type, insured stock value and COPE information for insurance risk assessments.

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Auto completion of your property schedule

Only add the property name or first line of address for Insurwave to auto populate the rest for you:

  • Address
  • Post code
  • View on a live map
  • Latitude & Longitude

Insurwave also captures important insurance information such as:

  • Property type
  • Insurable Values (building, stock, BI, equipment)
  • Asset Ownership
  • COPE fields

Property Asset Auto Complete V21 1024x640 1.png

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