What's New: Download premium adjustments, capture new asset data and more

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Check out our latest releases:

  • Download premium adjustments from your dashboard into an Excel file
  • Search for assets from your dashboard
  • Capture new asset data attributes e.g. asset email addresses
  • Filter premium and asset data
  • Navigate Insurwave more easily using the new navigation toolbar


Data export

You can now easily download a copy of all your premium lines across your programs from the Insurwave dashboard by clicking the “Download All” button (1).

You can also export the latest information on all your assets, such as valuations, flag or gross tonnage.

Release Note Dec 2020 Data Export


New asset attributes

New asset attributes have been added to enhance the information you have stored and make managing the asset much easier:

  • Capturing email addresses for assets
    You can now capture the email address for an asset. The email address can be used to send documents directly to the recipient.
  • Mortgagee email and postal address added to ownership
    You can now capture an email and postal address for Mortgagees. This data can be used to populate Letters of Undertaking and send them to the recipient via email.
  • New effective dates to help you manage risk data
    We have added more fields to your asset information, including effective dates for some attributes, such as a flag change.
  • Updating ownership types
    You can now amend your ownership details such as Operating Companies and Mortgagees, by clicking on the ownership card and providing a new name and effective date. It’s important this information is kept up to date as it can be required on documentation.

Filters on program and assets

You now have the possibility to get a clearer view on the premium lines on your program by using filters. The filters allow you to see how a particular asset has changed over the course of the program. Your assets can be segmented and your view focussed to see the information relevant to you at a particular point in time.

And if you want to see all your assets against an operating company or cover? No problem.

Insurwave Release Note Dec 2020 Documents Filter

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