What's new: Risk map, binder management and more

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Check out our latest releases:

  • Track and filter your assets with the Insurwave Risk Map and get detailed information.
  • As an authorised Lloyd’s coverholder under a binding authority, you are now able to add all your placed cargo policies on the platform to enable end-to-end transparency of risk and contract information. The details of the policies are going to form the source for any reporting requirements and risk insights you may require.


Insurwave risk map

Asset risk map

You can now track your assets’ last known location, using our risk map.

Click on an Asset (1) to see detailed information, such as course, heading and longitude and latitude details.

You can use the filter icon (2) to look at individual assets or groupings.

Insurwave Mar 2021 Release Asset Map

Asset risk map filter

To help you find your assets quickly and easily, you can use the filter.
You can search for individual assets by Name or IMO, or look at larger asset pools by filtering on Flag, Business Unit or Program.

Insurwave Release Mar 2021 Risk Map Filter

What's next?

To further help you understand your assets risk, we will be introducing zone boundaries on the risk map. Quickly toggle boundaries on and off for JWC zones or Ports and Terminals to see if your assets are in high-risk areas.

Binder management for Marine Cargo policies

Creating a binder

To capture information such as Unique Market Reference, Period and Product binder sections, you now can create binders in Insurwave – in just a few clicks!

Insurwave Release Mar 2021 Create Binder

Creating policies associated to a binder

In addition to Marine Hull & War, you can now add Marine Cargo policies on Insurwave to record important details such as policy participants and their role, as well as coverage, deductibles and limits information.

Insurwave Release Mar 2021 Add Policy to Binder

In order to have all relevant information in one place you can also add premium, commissions and fees to form a view from gross premium to final net premium and an associated payment schedule.

Insurwave Release Mar 2021 Gross and Final Net Premium

What's next?

Answering client’s needs, Insurwave is now working to introduce automatic risk and premium bordereaux reporting and will allow you to add insured goods and storage location information to your policies.

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