What's new: Vessel reports and email notfications

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Check out latest features on general release on the Insurwave platform incorporating vessel reporting and email notifications. These features are eliminating laborious activities for clients of the platform.

Vessel Position Overdue Report

Vessel location data is captured every hour on Insurwave.

If the signal drops, the platform tracks and alerts you of the specific vessels that are affected
Request reports filtered on vessels where signal drops last over X hours. A time specified by you.
Schedule this report to be emailed at a frequency that suits you - daily, weekly, monthly.
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Email Notifications

Want to know what's changed on Insurwave without logging in? We now have weekly summary of vessel changes on Insurwave for all your marine policies sent directly to your email.
You will receive details of: vessel information changes, assets that have ceased cover on your policies and new assets added.
We will be continuously increasing and improving how we share updates off platform.
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