What's new: Control centre redesign, export property premium reports and more

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Check out the latest improvements to the Insurwave platform:

  • The brand new control centre
  • Export property premium reports
  • Further breakdown of premium details

The New Control Centre

Our new control centre is now the first thing you see when you log into Insurwave. We will be continuously enhancing what you can see and do in the control centre alongside all our new features across the platform. This recent revamp presents:

  • Highlights of your key insurance portfolio statistics - number of policies, number of assets, next renewal and total Gross Written Premium.
  • Quick action options - add an asset, a new policy, download a report
  • Recent premium adjustments - per line of business
  • Quick view of the risk map
  • Recent Insurwave updates

Insurwave Homepage Redesign.png


Premium Reports for Property

In the Reports Tab, you can now export premium reports for your Property policies. Use the filters to decide the timeframe, policies, and premium changes you want to view and export as an excel.
Want to know all premium changes that were entered in the last month? Use the “created date”.
Created date is the date an entry was entered in the system, whereas effective date is when the entry became live. For example, if you update insurwave on 31st June with an asset valuation increase that was in effect from 1st June; the created date in insurwave will be 31st June and effective date 1st June.
Your reports can be generated using the same parameters at any time.
Copy of Platform Update Screenshots 5 1536x960 1.png

Additional premium breakdown: Taxes and Fees

Have the ultimate clarity in how your gross premium is calculated and the total cost due, including additional cost fields: taxes and flat fees.

We are able to create any premium breakdown details required to ensure every relevant participant in your insurance chain has transparency of the flow of premium and charges.

Laptop Fees Taxes.png

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