What's new: Instant war quotes, war voyage replays and more

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Check out the latest improvements to the Insurwave platform:

  • Instant War Quotes
  • War Voyage replays
  • Notifications for completed voyages

Instant Marine War Quotes on Insurwave

Many of our client require quick quotes for certain war voyages. Why email requests when you can generate quotes directly on Insurwave?

A simple four step process requires minimal data inputs, as information is drawn from third party sources, platform data, and your insurance contracts.

Insurwave war quotes enable you to price voyages faster, to share with your charterers or for internal use.

Find this feature in the Warzone Quotes tab within your marine policies.

Quote 1.png

War Voyage Replays

Insurwave War Voyage Trail maps are now more interactive

Replay exactly where vessels have been during a war breach with start, stop and rewind options. The map will replay each location signal received by the vessel at zone entry to exit, giving you better insights into risk behaviour.

To find this feature:

  • Click on the Warzone Voyages tab within your Marine policy
  • Click on a particular voyage to pull up the details
  • Click on the Voyage Trail dropdown to reveal the Voyage Trail map
  • On the bottom left of the trail map, click "replay"

Voyage Playback.png

Email Notifications for Completed Voyages

Want to know about live war voyages without having to log into Insurwave?

Receive emails directly to your inbox for completed voyages at a frequency that suits you: straight after a voyage, hourly or daily.

This notification covers the high level important information:

  • Vessel Name
  • IMO
  • Vessel Type
  • Listed Area
  • Entry Date
  • Exit Date

Click the link to view further details on the platform, including additional premiums, discounts, port calls and voyage replay.

For a summary of multiple voyages, use the reports tab on the platform to pull reports of voyages completed for any timeframe specified.

Voyage Complete Email Notifications.png

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