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Aviation risk management done better

Piiq and Insurwave have partnered to reinvent airline insurance transactions.

If you are ready to innovate, take 5 minutes during WAF to view how this partnership cuts costs, and saves time and resources by automating the administrative work behind insurance transactions.

What you'll get out of our meeting

1. Understand how aviation companies are losing money in risk and insurance management

2. Learn how live risk data and tracking of assets will unlock new insights and uncover cost savings

3. See how our cloud-based platform can connect you, your risk data, and your insurers for a seamless automated experience

About Insurwave

Born out of the frustration from a major client spending 70% of their time chasing administrative tasks, we thought, “there must be a better way!”

Now Insurwave support 70 clients from multinational companies, brokers and insurers across a variety of industries. Saving time and resources through automation, providing companies with more granular risk data and the capacity to achieve better business and risk outcomes.

The Insurwave platform offers a variety of capabilities from asset and insurance policy management, live asset tracking, to automated declarations directly to your brokers and insurers, premium adjustments and document generation of insurance certificates or debit and credit notes.

Insurwave and Piiq have partnered to give the aviation industry confidence that our assets are covered and insurance requirements managed automatically on a single screen.