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Insurwave platform update: June 2021

Our June update offers great new features:

  • Viewing and editing Risk Zone Boundaries
  • Add participants and share data on Binder Agreements

All details below!

Risk zone boundaries

View zone boundaries

You can now view zone boundaries on the Insurwave Risk Map. Clicking on the Zone filter will open up a list of JWC Listed Areas and Ports/Terminals.
Delgado, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean & Oman.

Create custom zones

You can now create custom zone boundaries on Insurwave, such as Port, Terminals, Sanctions or Ice Zones. Once created, this will be visible in your zone filters.

Track vessels through zones

You can also use the vessel trail feature to see when a vessel passed through a zone.

What's next?

Insurwave is working on automatic zone entry and exit events alerting you to breaches of your zone boundaries.

Binder participants & data sharing

You can now add Binder participants and roles, enabling them to access risk and premium information as policies are written to the Binder. This data is downloadable as a report in line with Lloyd’s Coverholder bordereaux reporting standards, and can also be accessed via API integration.

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