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Insurwave platform update: April 2021

We’re happy to introduce you to our latest features:

  • View the trails of your assets on the Insurwave Risk Map and get information for each point.
  • Add new assets to an active program.
  • You are now able to generate Risk & Premium Bordereaux for your Binders in accordance with the Lloyd’s Coverholder Reporting Standards.

Check out the new features in more detail below!

Asset trails on risk map

Interested to know where an asset has been? You are now able to view the trails on our risk map (1)Clicking on an asset on the risk map will now bring up the option to show the trail of an asset. Just enter a date range, or select from our pre-defined options, such as 7 days. You can view information for each point by hovering your mouse along the trail.

What's next?

Insurwave is working on a zone boundaries filter, you will be able to see when your vessel crossed into a JWC Zone, Port/Terminal or other zones of interest, using the trail functionality.

Add an asset to an active program

You can now allocate any new assets to any of your active programs, as you add them to the platform. Additional premiums and documents will be generated automatically.

Risk & Premium Bordereaux generation​

Creating a Risk Bordereau

You can now generate a Risk Bordereau (2)to report on any newly captured bound policies associated to a Binder with just a few clicks by going to the Reports section (1) of the platform and generating a CSV file. The reporting period is defaulted to the last month but can be changed as required.

Creating a Premium Bordereau

As a Coverholder, you can now confirm scheduled premium instalment payments on a policy in order to include them in Premium Bordereaux (2). Same as for the other Bordereaux, navigate to the reports section (1) of the platform, define the reporting period in order to generate a premium bordereau as a CSV file. The system will have calculated all the associated premium & commission amounts to report on based on the provided policy information.

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