Digital Pathway

Automate processes on the Insurwave DIGITAL PATHWAY to reduce cost of labour and side-step system inefficiency

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A platform to automate servicing, manage risk and generate insights for specialty lines insurance

  • Automatic risk management events processing e.g. ship entering new warzone
  • System-generated premium calculation linked to events or exposure change
  • Document and invoice production and distribution to all parties and storage on the system
  • Elimination of tedious reconciliation between risk owners, brokers, underwriters, reinsurers. Parties share a common SaaS platform
  • Platform InsightBot to generate metrics, insights and recommendations on risk management

Organisations on the Insurwave platform are reaping significant benefits

  • Significant capacity liberated
  • Shift of capacity to focus on risk management and cost reduction
  • Shift in capacity to focus on capital management
  • Ultimately Insurwave provides a platform that leads to a reduction in the cost of insurance

Please view our explainer videos below to see the Platform in action
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Insurwave supporting policy management

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Insurwave supporting automated declarations