Competitive Edge

Customer demands and technology are rapidly changing, our platform is designed to help you adapt and stay ahead

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  • The ability to collect, share and analysis accurate data at a faster rate frees up capacity to focus on value-added and differentiating activity, focus on risk management, capital management and client management
  • By combining multiple data sources and gateways, underwriters can make informed decisions based on risk profiling
  • Create a better experience for all parties involved with speed to contracts greatly increased through automation of risk events, a premium and document generator
  • Adapt to data changes, differences, or innovations with any other 3rd party, allowing to stay ahead of the game
  • Stand out from the competition by reducing your servicing costs through improved processing and time spent on data and financial reconciliations

Please view our explainer videos below to see the Platform in action
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Insurwave supporting automated declarations

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Insurwave supporting policy management