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We are excited to share in our July Update about the enhanced capabilities powering the Insurwave Platform:

  • Expanding automation of contract rules and business requirements
  • Improvements to our report scheduling system

'Smart' Policies Made 'Smarter'

Insurwave has expanded to support and automate a wider variety of client bespoke rules and requirements. Clients can set rules in granular detail, tailored to what suits them and their policies.

Examples of what’s possible:

  • Automatic premium calculation due to specific events, (think voyage completion, insured value changes, vessel lay-up)
  • Automatic premium calculations conditioned off flexible rating structures
  • Automatic risk scoring


Improved Report Scheduling

Our report scheduling system now has more options to fit your ideal reporting timetable. Have reports scheduled at any time (reoccurring or not) and sent directly by email to anyone.

Examples of what’s possible:

  • Risk and Premium Bordereaux for Coverholders
  • Additional War Risk premium reports outlining voyages and associated additional premium
  • Missing AIS tracking information
  • Policy premium report


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