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Our Platform Makeover

We have redesigned the Insurwave platform to give you a more enjoyable experience. 

  • Smoother set up: new colours and layout
  • Accessibility: easy viewing from tablet to large monitors
  • More Icons: for different insurance classes and action buttons
  • Slicker navigation: a collapsible menu on the left of the platform
  • Plus more! 

Check it out for yourself directly on the platform here


War Voyage Tracking

Insurwave can now track your voyages through listed areas.

Insurwave tracks and records the entry and exit times, including details such as port or terminal calls.

You can schedule notifications of war voyages:

  • Per asset
  • Per timeframe
  • Per risk zone or group of zones

Automated Premium Calculations

Significant time savings have been achieved for our clients with war cover!

Additional premiums are now automatically calculated per war voyage on Insurwave.

No more emails or manual spreadsheets; all voyages are tracked and premiums and discounts are calculated without a need to lift a finger.

Once your specific contract rules are configured, you can schedule War Additional Premium reports to your inbox at a frequency that suits your requirements: yearly, quarterly, monthly, right down to per voyage reports.

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